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Our mission is to offer confidence to elders, adults with disabilities, and their families with personalized, comprehensive Aging Life Care Management Services. This is achieved by excellence in assessment, resource knowledge, implementation, and follow- up. Safety, health, and quality of life are our top priorities.

Ferretto Young Care Management Consulting offers services to the Greater Baltimore Metropolitan area and surrounding counties; also providing limited services on the Maryland Eastern Shore.

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What is an Aging Life Care™ Manager?

An Aging Life Care Manager is dedicated to helping clients age well while also supporting quality of life for family members. This phase of a family’s journey together is often complicated. There is more to do than there is time. Relatives may live far away. Relations can become strained.

Our professional training and knowledge of best practices can ease the journey.

Every family is unique. As Aging Life Care Managers, we apply our insights and skills in 8 key areas to provide you with a positive care plan tailored to your family’s individual needs and strengths.

We offer expertise regarding:

  • Health and disability: Through assessments and experience, we can help you understand what your loved one does well, and in what areas he or she could use additional help.
  • Finances: A review of the current monetary situation will result in a plan to make resources stretch as efficiently as possibly while maintaining the desired level of comfort, dignity and safety.
  • Housing: Based on the assessments, recommendations can be made for optimal living situations now, with a view to likely changes in the foreseeable future.
  • Family: Sibling disagreements and old family history often make the aging journey difficult. Our training provides for skilled facilitation of family meetings and creation of a plan that takes everyone’s needs into account.
  • Local Resources: There are programs available to help, but it’s difficult to know which one is the most appropriate for your situation. Save time and money by letting us objectively evaluate the situation and connect you to the resources best suited to your needs.
  • Advocacy: Our comprehensive knowledge of the disjointed health care system allows us to monitor quality and  lobby for the care and treatment your family wants.
  • Legal: Let us help you identify issues and get key paperwork in order.
  • Crisis Intervention: The unexpected is simply a fact of life in aging. We are experienced with elder emergencies and are ready to jump in at a moment’s notice.

Ferretto Young Care Management Consulting is in the business of helping aging adults and their families to live well throughout the aging process. Give us a call at 410-661-6720 to discuss the many ways we can help you.

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Our History

Ferretto Young Care Management Consulting (formerly Ferretto Eldercare Consulting) was founded in 2008 by Mary Faith Ferretto, LCSW-C, after working for 26 years in the private and public settings offering social work services to elders, adults with disabilities, and their families. FEC is the culmination of Ms. Ferretto’s experiences. She believes in providing superior quality, individualized care, and supportive service to persons in need. Since 2008, our team has expanded to include nurses and social workers, a nurse practitioner, and paraprofessional support.


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Professional Memberships

We pride ourselves in our commitment to stay abreast of the ever-changing landscape of senior services and aging research. To this end, members of our team belong to the following professional organizations:

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